EBH (Embroidery Business from Home) Banners

Below I give you two banner versions in various sizes to meet everyone’s needs. The first version is the happy woman and the second is the course books. Each banner version has 3 variations. 1 static .jpg file with white letters, 1 static .jpg file with red letters and 1 .gif animated file with flashing letters (white-red-white etc).

To get a copy of the banner you want, right click and “Save As…” into your computer. Also, if you left click on the banner image, the image will open in full size.

Don’t forget to check regularly for new banner styles. If you are facing any kind of problem with the banners or if you have any good ideas for a banner or other advertising material, I am open to suggestions at info [at]

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The available banner sizes are:

Name Width / px Height / px Aspect ratio
Rectangles and Pop-Ups
Medium Rectangle 300 250 1.2
Large Rectangle 336 280 1.2
Rectangle 180 150 1.2
Banners and Buttons
Full banner 468 60 7.8
Vertical banner 120 240 0.5
Square button 125 125 1
Leaderboard 728 90 8.09
Wide skyscraper 160 600 3.75
Skyscraper 120 600 5
WordPress Tables

Banner option 1: Happy woman working from home .jpg

Banner_120x240-Woman_Gold Banner_120x240-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_120x600-Woman_Gold Banner_120x600-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_125x125-Woman_Gold Banner_125x125-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_160x600-Woman_Gold Banner_160x600-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_180x150-Woman_Gold Banner_180x150-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_300x250-Woman_Gold Banner_300x250-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_336x280-Woman_Gold Banner_336x280-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_468x60-Woman_Gold

Banner_468x60-Woman_Gold+Red Banner_720x90-Woman_Gold Banner_720x90-Woman_Gold+Red

Happy woman working from home flashing gifs

Banner_120x60 Banner_120x240-Woman Banner_120x600-Woman Banner_125x125-Woman Banner_160x600-Woman Banner_180x150-Woman Banner_300x250-Woman Banner_336x280-Woman Banner_468x60-Woman Banner_720x90-Woman

Banner option 2: 3D Books and CD’s of the course .jpg

Banner_120x240-Books_Gold Banner_120x240-Books_Gold+Red Banner_120x600-Books_Gold Banner_120x600-Books_Gold+Red Banner_160x600-Books_Gold Banner_160x600-Books_Gold+Red Banner_180x150-Books_Gold Banner_180x150-Books_Gold+Red Banner_300x250-Books_Gold Banner_300x250-Books_Gold+Red Banner_336x280-Books_Gold Banner_336x280-Books_Gold+Red

Banner_468x60-Books_Gold Banner_468x60-Books_Gold+Red Banner_720x90-Books_Gold Banner_720x90-Books_Gold+Red

Banner option 2: 3D Books and CD’s of the course flashing gifs

Banner_120x240-Books Banner_120x600-Books Banner_160x600-Books Banner_180x150-Books Banner_300x250-Books Banner_336x280-Books

Banner_468x60-Books Banner_720x90-Books

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