Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  • 1.FAQ
    This is the Frequently Asked Questions section. Here you will find many answers for possible questions you might have before or after the purchase of this course. If you don't find an answer here, please contact me at
  • 1) Is this course suitable for professionals or home based embroiderers?
    This course is suitable for both professionals and home embroiderers. It starts from basic embroidery knowledge and goes up to advanced embroidery techniques that many professional embroiderers don’t know of. Furthermore, it offers a complete business plan with useful ideas on how to expand your business, that can help both professional and home based embroiderers. Using this course, home based embroiderers can become professionals, set up and expand their business from home, as first or second occupation.
  • 2) I don’t know anything about embroidery, but I want to start my own embroidery business. Will this course help me?
    This course is designed to help people with zero experience in embroidery start their own embroidery business from home or small industry. Inside it, you will find all appropriate info from general knowledge on the industry, detailed inside information on embroidery machines and software to complete business plan with investment analysis. Moreover, in volume 2 of the book, you will receive full embroidery digitizing training, which will allow you to create your own embroidery designs and monograms. The training will be completed with the 10 training videos. This course will also provide you 40 embroidery designs, so you will have a portfolio to show to your customers from day 1!
  • 3) I am an experienced embroiderer. Does this course have anything to offer to me?
    It surely has. This course will help you expand your embroidery digitizing knowledge, by teaching you advanced embroidery techniques like motifs, color blending, variable angles and much more, plus it will teach you how to calculate embroidery cost, something many embroiderers have difficulty on doing. It will also give you modern ideas on how to market your products, expand your business and find your own niche market. Reforming your business by applying the ideas in this course is like creating a new one, something that can transform a medium business to high profitable one.
  • 4) I am a hobbyist in embroidery, should I buy this course?
    This course has many things to offer to hobbyist embroiderers as well. You will learn all the secrets that make a good embroidery, plus many things that will help you not only create perfect embroideries, but do it in much less time! The 10 detailed training videos will offer you more than 3.5 hours of digitizing training, which will make sure that you will understand what you have learned in the books. You will receive all 10 designs that we will create in the videos (they are included in the 40 designs that you will get for free). Lastly, this book will help you start an embroidery business from home, if you decide to do such a thing today or in the future. You can start an embroidery business from home as a second job or as a main one.
  • 5) I want to learn how to digitize like a pro to create my own embroideries or offer my services to others and I am looking for a training course. Am I on the right place?
    This is the perfect course for you. I will teach you how to digitize like a pro, plus I will show you how to do it  in my 10 training videos, which will offer you more than 3.5 hours of digitizing training. I will show you how to work with advanced digitizing tools, in order to impress your customers, and beat competition. This course has been designed to teach how to create your own embroidery designs and monograms and also edit them whenever you want. This knowledge can be monetized as well by selling digitizing services to others as an extra source of income. I will even teach you how to market your digitizing services, plus you will learn many industry secrets of digitizing and embroidery that you will not find anywhere else.
  • 6) Designs are pretty expensive. Are these 40 designs really for free if I buy the course?
    Yes! You will get 40 high quality designs FOR FREE as a limited time offer. In the future those 40 embroidery designs will be sold as an extra but for now and for limited time are absolutely FREE if you buy the course. The estimated price for those 40 designs is $183, and this is the price that they are going to be sold once the offer is over.
  • 7) What if I don’t like the course?
    This is a safe purchase. If you don't like the course or if there is anything else wrong with it, you can request a refund within 60 days! Hard to believe? Well thats how I work, I don't want anyone to be disappointed, I really want all my readers to be 100% satisfied.
  • 8) How will the products be delivered to me after I complete the order form and pay?
    The products will be delivered to you by electronic means, which means you will download them, thus they will be available to you instantly! You will not need to wait for them to be delivered. Once you pay, you will receive detailed instructions on how to download each part of the course and how to save it in your computer.
  • 9) I am cautious about using my card online. Is it safe to place an order to your website?
    The payment for my course is processed by Clickbank, which has one of the most advanced SSL protection systems, equal to those of banks. Clickbank processes thousands of credit card payments everyday, so your credit card info is perfectly safe.
  • 10) What is an ebook and how can I download it?
    An ebook is an electronic book. It is being delivered to readers into various forms, with "pdf" being the most popular. There are many free software that will allow you to read ebooks, with Adobe Acrobat Reader being the most popular. Most likely you already have a pdf reader installed into your computer or your tablet/smartphone. My ebooks will be delivered to you in pdf format, so you will be able to open and read them very easily. Concerning download procedure, I will give you detailed information after your payment is processed.
  • 11) Do I need to buy anything else in order to use this course?
    Absolutely nothing. You will just need to download one or two free software in order to be able to open the books and the video files. You can find more info in the respective FAQ questions. This course is designed to fully cover your needs, in order for you not to spend even a cent more.
  • 12) Does it matter in what country I live in, and in what currency is the price set?
    No. In whatever country you live and whatever currency you are using, our payment system will automatically do the conversion for you. You don't need to calculate anything at all. You will just input your credit card info, and leave everything else to us!
  • 13) I cannot open the books. What am I doing wrong?
    Most likely you don't have a pdf reader installed in your computer. I would suggest you use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the latest version from Adobe's website by clicking here. Of course, any other pdf reader will do the job, so you are free to choose whichever you like. If you want to read the books in your Android or iOS device, you must have a pdf reader app installed.
  • 14) Why can’t I open the video files?
    Most likely you do not have codecs or software to play mp4 video files. I would suggest using the free VLC video player, which includes all latest codecs. You can download the latest version of VLC player by clicking here. Of course, any other video player will do the job, so you are free to choose whichever you like. If you want to watch the videos in your Android or iOS device, you must have a video player app installed.
  • 15) My embroidery machine doesn't recognize the embroidery designs. What can I do?
    For your convenience you will receive the designs in 6 different embroidery machine formats!!
    Choose the appropriate files depending on your machine brand:
    Barudan - FDR Files
    Brother - PES files
    Happy - TAP files
    Melco - EXP files
    Singer - XXX files
    Tajima - DST files
    Even if your embroidery machine is different brand of the above six, it is very likely it can read one of them, so please contact the machine manufacturer to find out. If your machine is one of the above six brands and still cannot read the appropriate file (highly unlikely if the machine works properly), please contact the machine manufacturer and explain the problem. Most likely the machine has some kind of problem. All the designs have been tested and are working fine with the appropriate machine brand.